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Herewith is the post from Shaun Grobler

Good Morning Everyone

Some of you might have seen the speedboat event host around the 3DPrinting community.

So the idea is to see how fast your printer can print the famous 3DBenchy.
I thought it was a good idea to host the same event but for the members here.
This event is available to the members of this group only and you have to use a Creality printer!

3 lucky winners!

The entries start today 16 May 2022 and closes 26 June 2022 at 12:00 where the winner will be announced.

I will add the prizes here once I have the commitments from our sponsors!

First sponsor towards the prize table from Xtrude 3D, BLTouch and a Xtrude3D Cap, Thank you guys!
Second sponsor towards the prize table from Fil X,
4x 100m SBS Filament hamper and smoothing agent d-limonene, Thank you guys!
** Third sponsor towards the prize table from Pro Tech IT Solutions, Dual Z upgrade kit for a Ender 3, Thank you guys! *

The STL for the 3DBenchy found here –
Tips on how to create your entry and ideas on a video here (how’s that under 20min on a Ender 3 !! 😲 ) –
You will be scored on
Duration of print
Overall detail and quality of print.

The rules are as follow.
· Only one entry per member will be allowed.
· Members only residing within South Africa will be allowed to enter.
· You must use a CREALITY FDM 3D Printer, any printer model is welcome to be used!
· You must use PLA , PETG or ABS filament.
The maximum nozzle or line width size is 0.4 mm.
The maximum layer height is 0.25 mm (you may combine infill every other layer).
You must use 3 top and bottom layers.
You must use 2 walls and 10% infill.
The finished print must be dimensionally accurate (within reason) – bonus points if it looks good!
The machine must be powered by stepper motors.
You must record the whole print, and the print must finish. There must be a timer or clock shown in the video to verify it’s done in real-time. A phone can be used to create a time lapse.
Timelapse from using Octoprint is also fine.
You must post the video here with #CREALITYSA
We also want to see your printer used in the video, so if you use octoprint please adjust your camera so that the printer is visible that will be a bonus.
A close up time-lapse is not required, we would just want to see that the printer is printing and then see what time it took to complete the 3DBenchy.
Only one comment per member allowed. This is to avoid spam and make it easier for the judges to view your results.

Good luck to everyone!!!

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