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Remote Screen Sharing software

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Hi there all,

I need advice on what software there is out there to do Remote Screen Sharing. The end goal of this would be to set up a service where people could help out other people with CAD training remotely. So both parties would be at their respective homes and the trainer would get remote access to the computer of the trainee and teach the trainee remotely.


This would also work with Slicer training, Klipper setups and all manner of software related to 3d printing. 


I'm having a look at Team Viewer, that cost 20 Euro a month for one user, one session at a time. the premium package is 83 Euro a month but only gives three sessions at a time but with with 30 users able to have access. There must be an easier and cheaper way?


My goal is to assist the members of to connect the people that want training with the people that can give training. 


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