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Creality CR20-Pro

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The Creality CR20-Pro was the first printer that I owned.


Easy to assemle, much like the CR6. The gantry comes pre-assembled and just has to be bolted to the base with 4 bolts. 

It comes with a BLTouch which helps with bed leveling.

It comes with a very good 32 bit control board, although it does not have silent stepper drivers it still works very well.



Unfortunately the extruder is plastic, like most Creality printers. This is the part that connects to the stepper motor that feeds the filament. Mine did last a year before the filament release arm cracked and started messing with the feeding of the filament. Luckily you can get aluminium extruders for less than R200.

It's al little noisy because it does not have silent stepper drivers. 


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