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Good day all. 

My name is Arrie. I have been printing for little over 2 years. I started with a Creality CR-20 Pro. It was very easy to assemble and set up and do 1st print. 

Currently I work with a Biqu B1 SE Plus, 310x310 bed running klipper with fluidd interface. The klipper is nice because I can print faster with the same quality. 

I dabble in TinkerCAD and Freecad. 

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I'm Andre Nel from Boksburg area.

I got a Flashforge Finder 2 for a Christmas present to myself 😎 and have not stopped printing since then. I am so impressed with the Finder as I have leveled the bed once and I would say 90% of prints come out great.


Then I got an Ender 3V2 from my wife. This printer prints great, if it prints. ☹️ This printer is so temperamental that if you look at it skew it will not print correctly. Now I got myself a PEI bed and so far so good.   

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I run an Ender 5

With klipper and fluid. 

Love seeing my creations come to live. 

Like printing things that can be used. 





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Hey Everyone 


I am quite new to the 3d printing world. I have been printing now for about 6 months and really enjoying it. I managed to get a Creality Halot One for a steel of a price and I have been printing things like its no tomorrow. 

I have done a few courses on udemy on fusion 360 and im using Lycee and the Halot box software for the prints. 

I do find that Lycee works better for me.

Im here to learn and share what I have experienced. 

Your Friendly Snowman 🙂 

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Hey everyone, my name is Albert and I am a 3D Printing junky.

I started about 6 years ago with an Anet A6 (still printing strong), then built a prusa clone with aluminium extrusions (currently set up for dual colour/material printing. Then I added a Creality CR-10S Pro V2. And just recently added a LD-002R resin printer.

I mostly work with Fusion 360, Openscad and 3D Builder. I do on demand printing of mostly unique or difficult to find parts and lots of personalised stuff.

Slicers I use is Simplify 3D, prusa slicer and Chitubox (for now) 

No, I don't do it full time, I work by day as a Software specialist and administrator.

I love maths, designing and making things! 

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