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Klipper, what it is and what it can do for your 3d printing

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Check out www.klipper3d.org

So Klipper is software that runs on a linux pc like the Raspberry Pi. Klipper controls the stepper motors of your printer much more faster and accurately. It also has the advantage of controlling your printer with your PC or app on your phone, no need for SD cards to transfer gcode files. It's all done through the interface on your PC, there is Fluidd and Mainsail. I do not have any experience with Mainsail as I only use Fluid.

All printers use firmware. That tells the board inside the printer how the kinematics of the printer works, is it a cartesian printer, corexy, delta or other like Scala.

Klipper uses a file called 'printer.cfg' where you can specify all the settings of your printer. Inside Fluid and Mainsail are alot of example configs for most printers which you can just copy. the printer.cfg file also allows you to run almost any board with almost any printer frame. The printer.cfg replaces the normal 'configuration.h' file that a printer uses. The configuration.h file has to be compiled and flashed on to the printer's board where as the printer.cfg file in klipper can be changed in Fluidd and saved and you can print immediately (if there are no errors in the file)

Once you are running Klipper on your printer your print times will reduce. Example, if you have have a 3d item that normally takes 1 hour to print with '50mm/s' on your standard printer it will print 10% faster with Klipper on the same settings, so 54min. But that's with the same settings. Now you can adjust speeds in your slicer, for example, outer walls normally print at half speed of specified overall speed. If you have overall speed set at 50mm/s the outer walls print at 25mm/s, this can be upped to 40mm/s and still have better quality than what your standard printer was printing.


Klipper has a catch though. Over and above the SBC like a Raspberry Pi that you would need you have to flash the firmware of your printer and run your printer. That means that your printer will not work if the Raspberry Pi is off. The printer can not print on its own. Octoprint works different in that you do not have to flash the firmware of your printer. You can connect a Raspberry Pi that runs Octoprint to your printer and print almost straight away and the disconnect the Raspberry Pi and  your printer will still function as a stand alone printer.


This is by no means a comprehensive review of Klipper. I just wanted to get the forum rolling here with the basics of Klipper. 


On this forum we will have people that are thinking of upgrading one or all of their printers to klipper and there will be people that are already running Klipper that can help with installations and tips and tricks.


Happy Printing, and may your beds be ever level...



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